Equipment for the cow-calf line Free breeding Fattening


Stable for the cow-calf line with central silage aisle, feeding area with self-catching racks and resting areas on permanent hay bed or sloping, self-cleaning type. Prearrangement of boxes for pregnant cows, boxes for calves, boxes for bulls and multiuse boxes.


Feeding sector with movable rods for calves.   Hay-holding feedboxes with or without captures.


Feedboxes for calves with an area for single passage of the animal.


Boxes for calves with gates with forced single passage.   Corral for the safe gathering and control of the animals


An ideal, optimum stable for all the situations doesn’t exist, but there is a series of different kinds, which can fulfi l the different specifi c needs in the best way, if they are adequately developed.   They are apparently simple equipments, which determine the rationality of the breeding and, as a consequence, its management


The fattening stable is featured by multiple boxes and by the relative kinds of the boxes, both concerning the relations between the dimensions of width and deepness, and the kind of fl ooring, fi ssured or on hay beds.