Equipments for young breeding cattle

  The berths for the young cattle are very interesting, not only for the reduction of the costs of hay bed and labour, but also for the training function.
After the training period to get used to the social life, the young cattle should be bred in homogeneous groups housing them in specifi c shelters, with feeding and resting area, both with hay beds and berths, until the start of their reproductive career. Self-catching, antichoking racks, with different dimensions according to the age of the animals. Resting area with adjustable berths, with management on hay bed or mattress.


Zootechnical centre for the buffaloes breeding, with wide feeding areas, which are partially open, and resting areas on hay beds.



Stable for cattle breeding, expressly planned to house the animals in the fi rst period of life in boxes on hay bed, and consequently to get them used to the berth.