Multi-use boxes and boxes for calves

The equipments for the multi-use boxes, steaming-up, delivery, infi rmary, starter, bulls… are purposely studied to fulfi l needs, which are often different, and where the greatest fl exibility of use must be assured. They are rooms which house the animals during particular and delicate physiological moments, when the attention and the care must be greater.





 Individual or collective boxes for the pre- and post-delivery period.


Bulls boxes with mounting place and bull boxes or fi xed place for animals in PROGENY TEST.


Unicellular boxes for calves weaning, cm. 100x200, ideal for the fi rst life period of the animal.   Collective boxes post-weaning period, ideal to get the calves used to the group life.


        Trolley for the calves transport   Zootechnical equipments to build calf sheds, organized in a modern way, it can be equipped with automatic milk feedings


Covering of the service aisle between two rows of opposed boxes.