The rest on berths with bed or mattresses

 Self-supporting framework – NO FOUNDATIONS WORKS ARE NEEDED   The grade of occupation of the berths depends, besides on the correct dimensions, which are base element of the solution, also on the confi guration of the ground, on its softness and on the shapes of the rails.The right mix of these factors assures their the use by the animals, with the advantages connected with their wellbeing, their cleanness, the better quality of the milk and faster milking operations.


RC manufactured articles for feedboxes, fl at berths and RC tank berths, to be used as supporting elements both of the covering structure and of the relative equipments.







Multipurpose BOBMAN for the management of berths.

Rota Softy Mattresses guarantee the best healthy and hygienic conditions and for the comfort of the animal.



Referring to the stable dimensions, to the feeding techniques, to the number of the groups and to the chosen management, berths can be displaced into 2, 3, 4, or 6 rows, and also with back-to-back or head-to-head displacement.


Cowshed with aisle to store the straw among the front berths