Innovative solutions for a correct breeding


Weaning of lambs and kids is a very delicate phase that provides positive results only if it is carried out in specifi c areas where the highest hygienic level and the best microclimate level are guaranteed.


Elevated single boxes for early weaning  

Floor multiple boxes that allow weaning through automatic lactation machine


Boxes for male animals can be for groups of young livestock. Adult animals must be accomodated in comfortable single boxes as for dimensions and arrangement.   Boxes for breeding and insemination animals include young livestock from the weaning phase to the insemination phase. It is recommended to use movable and/or sliding barriers to be able to adapt the boxes’ dimensions as required.   Ram and tup boxes   Single boxes for birth, isolation and nursery


    Corral avec dispositif de blocage des animaux pour faciliter les opérations de contrôle et de gestion du troupeau. Il est conseillable surtout dans des élevages de grandes dimensions pour augmenter la facilité de gestion du troupeau.