Centralizing systems and pumping stations

Through the head ditch, with conveyer ribbon or recirculation, the zootechnic dejections are transferred to the pre-tank.   Overturnig passage platforms.


Submerged electric grinder pumps.  
Triturating pumps with engine external to sewage surface, for dense and straw sewage.            Grinder pumps with engine external to sewage surface, for non-dense sewage.


 Control eletric valves for automatic starting.   Power take-off pumps with truck at 3 points of the tractor.   Power take-off pumps for fertirrigation.


Power and control boards for various uses   Piping for sewage transit.   Umbilical or pivot distribution systems.


Cardanic power take-off mixers for storage basins out of the ground Cardanic power take-off mixer for storage basins and underground ditches.


Mixing and homogenization are preliminary treatments necessary for the correct management and use of sewage.    Variable power electric mixers for homogenization in pre-tank and/or in underground or out of ground storage basins.   Electric mixers for ditches under grating.   Type “Slalom” power take-off mixers for ducts under grating of considerable development.