Manure removal systems for fi xed or open stables


The manure removal systems guarantee the possibility of removing the dejections from the grips and from the corridors of zootechnical shelter, in the most frequent and complete way, using the least possible labour employ.

  Reciprocating motion belts for manure removal for 50, 70 and 100 cm grips, with oil bath mechanical traction units with oil-pressure propulsion.


Caisson elevator.   Fork stacker.   180° and 360° adjustable elevators for the store on platform of big quantities



Fixed relaying barn with back ditches.

Barn “cow-calf line” with berth sloping towards feeding zone.

Barn for cows fattening with berth sloping towards external corridors.

Barn for dairy cows with corridors with straw deposit between berths.


Closed-circuit chain belts for horses shelters, fi xed sheds, box multiusage and open stables with use of litters and manure production.

Horizontal presses suitable for the formation of the heap on platform in both fixed and open barns.